Tuesday 22 February 2022


So, today it’s eleven years since Christchurch entered its new normal. On that day I stood in my living room with the nice guy who was painting our house and we watched the shocking images on TV coming through from my hometown as people fought to escape the destruction, get home, check on their families, and begin the long, long process of adapting to this sudden and catastrophic change. 

Today, I’m in a different house, with a different but equally nice guy painting it, and blithely tweeted about hoping that was as far as the coincidence went. But actually, another new normal is upon us, with the whole country trying to adapt to living with Omicron, which has just in the last week suddenly inflated daily case numbers, tenfold: 2843 today. We have still had only 55 deaths overall, which is pretty incredible; but, just as everywhere else in the world, we’ve lost our old lives, and the future, which we’ve started on already, is going to be very different. We’ll manage, I suppose. We always do. 


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