Sunday 21 February 2010


Brilliant summer's day today, really hot and sunny (despite the apparent greyness in the photo) and the Baby did the 3:9:3 triathlon at Takapuna this morning, despite having interrupted her training with 10 days in the fleshpots of Brisbane. That's a 300 metre swim, pictured (yes, those are the last competitors out of the water - we are not a swimming family) then 9 km around central Taka on the bike, and 3 km running, ditto. Pretty reasonable ask, and she did well - as did some most unsuited body types, so good for them too.

Takapuna was buzzing this morning, with the big Sunday market in full swing in the carpark, the cafes open and doing good business, and lots going on down on the beach: the long, broad curve of biscuit-brown sand where Charles Kingsford-Smith landed his plane the Southern Cross, where the sea laps in calm and warm, and Rangitoto dominates the skyline.

And tomorrow I go to the Cook Islands, to Aitutaki, where I will finally take a dip in the ocean - having had all this on my doorstep for months. I'm ashamed of myself.

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