Friday 12 March 2010

Blue, blue, my love is light blue

It's been such a tedious week, at school every day, that I would almost have welcomed having the notorious Year 9s who ingeniously hid themselves in their classroom ceiling one day, climbing up through a loose section of tile via a chair on a desk - which was removed by the unsuspecting teacher who then wandered the school looking for her now-stranded class.

But at least there was the triumph on Tuesday of seeing my photo on the front of the NZ Herald travel section again, making three covers in the Heralds this year - so far. And it's only March!

I sold the story on the strength of the Alice connection, so I had to leave out some good stuff, like the taxi I saw painted with the Periodic Table of the Elements, and the wonderful story about how when Elizabeth I visited, Queen maybe, but a mere woman withal, she was grandly greeted in Latin - and replied in Greek.

Actually, though Oxford drips with history and it's rather thrilling to wander the cobbles where such great men (and women) have trodden over the centuries, I think Cambridge was prettier and more interesting. When it comes to the Boat Race in April, it'll be light blue for me.
UPDATE (4 April): Oh yes, my little beauty! Cambridge by a length.

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