Wednesday 1 September 2010

Centrefold spread

How rude that sounds! Caution: I'm really living up to the blog name today. This is the cover of the NZ Herald's travel section this week, as I'd hoped, and it looks great. I'm really proud. The story is one thing - I'm pleased with it, but writing is what I do - the photos, though, are entirely another: I still feel like an amateur behind the shutter, and it's a thrill when they turn out as I meant them to.
I'm pleased, too, that the editor featured the story on the middle pages, which shows the whole thing off so well. I really hope the Air Mauritius and Naiade and MTPA people are happy. Because I am. Here's a closer look at another photo that was hard to take, because of the contrast, but came out pretty well.
Actually, you can see all the photos on the Herald's website. End of skite.

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