Wednesday 29 June 2011

Welcome to the USA. No, really.

So now I have to eat my words. Here I am in transit at LAX and it's not hateful at all. We've got nearly two hours of kicking our heels in what is pretty much a sensory deprivation tank (although with free WiFi, coffee and snacks so really not very deprived at all) - but everyone has been friendly and relaxed.
There was that usual "Let's photograph and fingerprint everyone in the world! Twice! Or as often as we can!" project going on of course, but we were able to take our own time about going to get it done. And though Rodriguez was thrown by a previous Press visa, that caused great anxiety at the border last time on the way to Seattle, I didn't get growled at this time. Which is always nice.
So it's sunny and warm and smoggy outside, and the girls were squeaking with excitement as we came in to land, but we're cut off from it all in this no-man's land until we set off again on the next leg to London. Yay!

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