Saturday 24 September 2011

Les Bleus et les Noirs

Even I am aware that it's a Big Game tonight, between NZ and France. I don't follow this stuff at all, but I know that the French knocked the Kiwis out of the RWC in 1999 and again in 2007, that we've (we've! how sucked in am I?) beaten them since in France, and they've beaten, er, us here since then. I'm sure there's much more to it than that, but this week's scandal has been that they've picked a B team to face the All Blacks because a loss would put them into a better draw for round 2. How dare they think strategically! "The filthy French," is what we're thinking.

Or people who care, at least. I'm happy just to be reminded of a couple of summer days in Paris earlier this year, of sitting upstairs in an open-top bus cruising round the city looking at all the glorious buildings, the gold on the statues gleaming in the sunshine, people strolling beside the Seine and smooching on the riverside benches, the grass so green and the hedges so neat. And the soldiers with guns, and the horrendous snarl of traffic, and the ubiquitous piles of dog poo as traps for unwary rubber-neckers, and the tacky souvenir-sellers and bracelet-plaiters, and over-it artists in Montmartre - no, really, it's all Paris, and it was all great.

Except, unexpectedly, for the food, which was disappointingly ordinary, even when we tried to get away from the main tourist drags: I hope the French players and supporters find the opposite here.
UPDATE: Both Sunday papers went for the same headline - 'French Toast' - so instead I'll plump for 'Pas de Problème'.


the queen said...

Grass? Green grass? Where was that? I saw no grass in Paris.

TravelSkite said...

Well yes, there is a lot of stone and concrete - but also the huge Champ de Mars by the Tower, the Tuileries gardens, parks alongside the Champs Elysses, lawns surrounding buildings like Napoleon's Tomb... Really, plenty of grass.


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