Monday 28 January 2013

Street artists

A long holiday weekend and fine, settled summer weather: how often does that happen? Well, actually, pretty often for Auckland's Anniversary Day, and today was another, with just enough wind to please the yachties at the Regatta on the harbour while not interfering with anyone else's enjoyment - though some of the performers at this year's Buskers Festival complained it made their tricks harder. But then, they would. (The common refrain this time was, Clap if I'm doing something you can't.)
It seemed to me there were fewer acts this year than usual - and since the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch wrapped up only yesterday, perhaps that's why - but we saw enough to keep us amused for an afternoon. There was Vincent from Quebec balancing on his impressive biceps, Matt from Seattle who juggled some mediaeval-looking instrument and kept up a stream of good jokes, and Murray from Dublin who climbed through a toilet seat (I could hardly bear to watch that second shoulder being forced through) and then swallowed a sword. It's an odd way to earn a living, and there was a bit of a theme in everyone's patter about parents with broken dreams; but on a warm sunny day in a city thronging with people at leisure, they brought a buzz that everyone enjoyed.
And, for a travel connection? I haven't been (yet) to Quebec, but the buskers I've seen in Seattle and Dublin were much less energetic, though far more musical.

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