Monday 28 October 2013

Big birthday

It's a strange creature, the saw fish - very strange. Also quite hard to look at on its own terms and not see instead some sort of grotesque Halloween-type monster. Those are gills, not eyes. I think.

That's the trouble with the Sydney Aquarium: though it's extensive and on all the lists of Top 10 Things to Do here, it's not actually much good at informing you about what you're seeing. All substance and no style. So I didn't learn that much, though I did see some striking creatures. Could do better - and not cheap either, at $38 each for adults.

That's what we all are this time around, 10 years on from our last family trip here, for my previous Significant Birthday. If you're going to have one of them, it eases the pain to spend the day as we did, with its main focus a lunchtime cruise around the harbour on a lovely day, ignoring the commentary about all the points of interest, which were simply a backdrop for some family jollity.

Captain Cook Cruises, it was: nicely done and recommended.

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