Monday 6 October 2014

Happy birthday, thank goodness

It was a rather big birthday for the OH today, and he'd been looking forward to it for over a year. Not because of the birthday, and very much not because of the big bit, but because of how today was going to end. Plans had been made, rather a lot of money had been spent, and it was going to be terrific. And then (foreshadowing) a minute's inattention nearly wrecked the whole thing.

But the day began with a very pleasant wander around Harvard on a bright and sunny autumn day, the foliage glowing red and orange, and everyone relaxed and enjoying the grand buildings, the grassy squares (yards), the seats and the food stalls. We went to the Natural History museum to look at amazing glass flowers, at a giant turtle shell and at a moa skeleton, poked about a bit more and ended up at the Inn on the Square, where we had a very nice meal last time we were here, but today it was a refreshing drink we were after and a seasonal beer at the pub downstairs fitted the bill perfectly.
Then it was time to return to the hotel, get our bags, and head off to board the Silver Whisper for our New England cruise, all the way up the coast, into Canadian waters, and down the St Lawrence Seaway to Montreal. Our third time with Silversea: we knew what to expect, and that just added to the excitement.

So, the Harvard taxi takes us to the cruise terminal, we offload our luggage and do all the usual security business just like at an airport, and turn to walk onto the ship - and then, horror! The OH realises he's left his camera in the taxi, which has now departed. Fancy camera, naturally. Expensive. Oh, the woe! And nothing to be done - no idea even which cab company it was. Gloom and despondency - not even the helium balloons and Happy Birthday banner in our cabin could lift the mood. Such a shame, after all that anticipation.

And then! Phone call from reception! The taxi driver is waiting for us down on the jetty! We rush to greet him effusively, shake his hand, give him a hug and a kiss, and a huge tip, and take the camera he has hastened to return to us before the ship sails. Faith in humanity restored! And so is the joy of beginning another Silversea cruise. Happy ending.

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