Sunday 4 January 2015

Beginning with an ending

Bit of a shame, really, how the new year begins with the end of the holidays. For many people, that is, though not for all of course and certainly not for me in the eyes of some (still stinging, my work trips being described as "foreign holidays"). Definitely for the yachties on these boats, however, and all the others not visible in the photo - 78, I counted the other day, moored or passing through Oneroa Bay on Waiheke Island. Nautical caravans, they are, their occupants pottering around the Gulf, stopping where they fancy and poking about, having a swim on a new beach every day - in water that's now almost too warm, I have to say for the benefit of Northern Hemisphere readers (you're welcome!) Nice.

But the holidays are over now and all last night's boats are gone, the bay left empty so there were just us residents and bach-dwellers left to enjoy the sunset. Except of course that they'll be back at the weekend, and some people don't go back to work quite yet, and the school holidays still have nearly three weeks to run, and then there's Anniversary Day, and Waitangi Day...
And in fact I will be back at work tomorrow too, though not, happily, in an office in the city - I have stories to write about cruising the Danube and exploring Lincoln Park and doing a gourmet tour of East Fife and staying on Lindisfarne and walking through Kakadu - and, and, and. So much material still to use from all last year's 'holidays', and homes to find for the stories, and providers to follow up with. But at least I'll be able to book-end the day with swims in that too-warm water and, when I stop work for some chores and pop to the supermarket, this will be the view on the way back:

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