Monday 7 September 2015

Seeing you, seeing me

Now that I'm back home, surrounded by familiar things and everyday routine again, it seems like a kind of fantasy that just a week ago I was in Galapagos swimming with turtles and sea lions, and living on a boat. So thank goodness for photos to support what seems like increasingly unlikely memories. And hooray for Morris Garcia, our enthusiastic guide, who was one of the three of us to have an Olympus OMD-EM1, plus a GoPro.

He was just as keen as the rest of us to take photos of the wildlife, always hoping to get the definitive shot - and at the same time, though we didn't know it till the last night, he was putting together a record for us. Sadly, Blogger doesn't allow me to upload his video of what we saw and got up to, but above is a screenshot from it of me, and below is the photo I was taking. Just another service, and delight, of a cruise on the Ocean Spray, one of the Haugen Cruises ships.

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