Thursday 8 December 2016


No colour today. Seriously, it was a damp and monochrome day which would be dreary enough anywhere, but is especially a blight on the spirits in a place that should be blue and turquoise, white and green. We gamely set off on a drive anyway, to view the coast road, mountains to the right, sea and islands to the left – but really, it was just rubbing in what we were missing.

There were just a few bright spots in the day. Like eating garlic shrimps from Giovanni’s food truck, which were very tasty – and the prowling roosters, hens and chicks appreciated the left-over rice. And browsing the craft shop which specialised in turning sea glass – of which I have an obsessive collection at home – into rather pretty jewellery. 
And driving past a subdued Pipeline surf break to the picturesque little town of Haleiwa, where the road is lined with painted wooden buildings full of shops, cafés, galleries and surf-gear suppliers. It had a vaguely Wild West air, with added coconut palms – but, again, hardly looked its best in the rain. Finally, there was the Farmers Market in Waimea Valley, with more sea glass creations, fresh produce including actual yellow pineapples, and yummy sticky buns with caramelised macadamia nuts. There is also a waterfall up the valley that might have been more worth seeing because of the rain, if it hadn’t been for the rain… Sigh.

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