Thursday 6 July 2017

The cup runneth over - and not just with rain

Some people can be so cynical. Not these girls, who were sweet and enthusiastic, but their mother, who made them write this message and nagged them to hold it up whenever a news camera was anywhere near them - even in a helicopter way overhead. All for media attention that they (she) could boast about afterwards on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever... When I asked the girl what she would do if Peter Burling said yes, she gasped, "Faint!" (And yes, I did point out the spelling mistake. You had to ask?)
But it was a buzz for all of us at the America's Cup parade, to celebrate the glorious win of the underdogs after 12 long years of trying and the pain of the last attempt. No-one wanted to get behind Emirates Team NZ, after the last débacle, until it was almost within reach, and even then everyone was scared of jinxing it. They did it, though, the whole team together, and they've brought the Auld Mug home again.
Nobody cared that it was cold, and that it rained really hard, and that we had to stand for ages in sodden shoes waiting for the parade to come down Queen Street, and then again on Prince's Wharf while there were speeches at the Viaduct before the team took to the water. There were pipe bands and acrobats and brass bands and dancers and everyone was happy, and no-one minded about getting wet. The cup's ours again, the boys are home from Bermuda, and in four years' time, Auckland's waterfront is going to be magic.

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the queen said...

I will pretend that's how "you're" is spelled in NZ.


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