Tuesday 1 January 2019

Well, new, anyway

"Tch! Who can be bothered with 2019?" said the man ahead of me in the dairy today. "We're all just waiting for 2020, aren't we? That sounds much more fun!"

It seems a bit harsh to condemn an entire year for such a frivolous (if probably correct) reason, and I'm sure we'll all be perfectly satisfied with 2019 if it manages to behave itself even marginally better than the last three. As usual, I have no idea of what it might bring - well, who has, you might reasonably ask - but it is the expectation when talking to people in the travel writing business that they will have trips planned. Not me.

All I can tell you is that I would like to go to some more cold places - the Arctic, in Greenland, Alaska or Canada, I'm not fussy, as long as there are polar bears and the Northern Lights. Also Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Italy... any (or all) of them would do.

But being, as I am, somewhat hampered by boring domestic issues, it's entirely possible that I won't be needing my passport at all this year; and that this blog, already coughing up blood, may finally expire before completing its tenth year. Which would be such a tragedy for my regular readers 😃 - so let's hope the travel fairy waves her wand at me.

In the meantime, this is the sort of rubbish I'm currently having to put up with, every damn day:


the queen said...

Regular readers say noooooooo!

TravelSkite said...

Aw, shucks


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