Tuesday 15 September 2020

Keep right, right?

Today yet another story was published about the kayak/tramping trip the Baby and I took a couple of years ago along a bit of the coast of Abel Tasman NP in Te Wai Pounamu (it's Maori Language Week) aka the South Island. Today is also the day she and her husband have set off on their epic self-built campervan trip across the US, from the bottom right-hand corner to the upper left, and then down a bit. (Yes, I did geography at school - why do you ask?) In between lie six weeks, five and a half thousand miles, lots of tarmac and scenery, hiking, and hopefully - oh, how hopefully! - no virus, riots, forest fires, nutters with guns, or bears. 

It's a long time to keep my fingers crossed, but I'm sort of used to it, after her solo bike rides through France, Japan, Korea and Mexico. Plus her sister's equally solo exploration of South America, which I (thankfully) learned only later, included a bike ride down Bolivia's Death Road. Marginally less scarily, there was also her drive with a friend, and briefly also the Baby, right across Canada, that included random poorly-planned hikes along trails that turned out longer and more challenging than expected. And probably had bears lurking, too.

I'm proud that they're both so adventurous, and I'm envious of what they've done; but my goodness, it's a worry. I'm going to be so relieved when Baby and H are finally safely boarded on their Air NZ flight home to be tucked away for two weeks' isolation in a city hotel. In the meantime, though, I hope she'll keep in touch and post tantalising photos of the amazing sights en route.

At the very least, it's all taking my mind off the fact that on Thursday I should have been starting a Viking cruise around Japan, where I've never been. Almost taking my mind off.

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the queen said...

It is an unwritten rule that the nutters with guns keep off the bike paths. Canada is where you find the backyard bears.


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