Wednesday 30 December 2020

Many a true word spoken in error

Desert Safari Dubai has perfect includes for Sole, Family, and Couples. If you are traverse in Dubai or on a stopover flight. You were most likely to do different activities in Dubai. Either than visiting malls, dine in restaurants or city sightseeing. For an adventure break, one should endure a 6 Hours Evening Desert Safari. 

This is a spam email that came to me via a comment on this blog. Clearly, targeted, at least; but had they done a little research, they would have discovered that I have actually done the Dubai desert safari not once, but twice (actually, three times, if you count the one I did in Qatar). And neither time, to be honest, with real enjoyment - which at least makes their choice of verb in the last sentence very apt, I reckon.
You get picked up in a 4WD and taken out along the motorway into the proper desert - which doesn't take long at all, since Dubai is plonked, very unnaturally, right in the middle of a vast, sandy expanse. Then it's time for the tyres to be let down a little, for added grip, and you're off into the dunes, following a path of sorts, apparently chosen for maximum jolting, lurching and sliding, in every direction. Honestly, you do have to hang on, inside the vehicle, to stop from slithering about, and bumping your head. There's some excited whooping to begin with, but then, in my experience, things quite quickly go a bit quiet.
It's properly sick-making, if you're that way inclined, which I am, and also others I shared the trips with - one, literally. It's very far from the ideal preparation for a buffet feast at low tables in a pretend Bedouin camp, trying to be positive about a woman doing a cliché belly dance (the first one I went to, she turned out to be Russian). There was also a pre-dinner single circuit on a camel to do, which would have been a novelty if I hadn't already done proper camel treks in Australia: it was hardly worth the lurching effort of getting on and off. I did enjoy spotting an oryx, though.

My safaris were free, provided by the tourism people, so I got the basic deal, understandably. There are much fancier versions, with added astronomy, owls and falcons, hot-air balloons and even luxury overnights, which does sound lovely, and not at all the sort of thing you would have to 'endure'. All, though, very academic right now of course.

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