Friday 26 February 2021

One of the smaller circles

The news about the probable new season (yay!) of Frasier was accompanied by this photo of David Hyde Pierce in the Broadway production of Spamalot. Oh, how that hurts! 

Because I saw him playing that role, there, then (in 2006), along with Hank Azaria and a bunch of other less famous but still familiar faces. The whole thing was such a thrill - my first time in New York, an actual Broadway show, such familiar actors there in real life and, most wonderfully satisfying of all, I only knew how to get a cancellation ticket because they had done it on Frasier.

I hadn't even known that the show was on. I came across it entirely by chance on my first night in the city while I was making the obligatory visit to Times Square (spoiler: not a square). I saw the billboard for the Schubert Theatre, went along out of curiosity, found that the show was sold out that night - and then saw the cancellations queue. I took my place and, in just 20 minutes, was offered a single ticket (that nobody else in the line was interested in) for full price ($111.25, ouch - but...) by one of the minor cast members. Only centre of the front row in the circle!

It was brilliant. Slick and funny and so well done. I loved it, and the whole experience. A fabulous, unexpected and satisfying beginning to what was going to be a wonderful and exciting trip. Sigh...

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