Friday 22 September 2023

It's all work

After a beautifully quiet night in one of the Martinborough Hotel's garden suites, I took a wander around town and was really quite captivated. Last time, I was amused by the trailerload of sheep I encountered but this time it was the people who I warmed to. Everyone I encountered on the street gave me a warm smile and greeting, and I felt very welcome.

It's also such a pretty place, with so many lovely buildings, all of them clearly treasured. 

We had a flat white and bacon butty at a busy cafe with the chattiest and cheerful lady behind the counter (wearing shorts!) and then toddled off for a look around Greytown, where I went last time and is even prettier.

And finally it was time to head off over the Remutaka Hill again - such a mental and physical barrier, though it only takes twenty minutes to negotiate all its curves and corners. Back to the airport and away home, Wairarapa finally properly ticked off. Except Toast Martinborough is coming up next month, and it sounds really good…

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