Friday 7 August 2009

Four wheels bad

Travelling over the Harbour Bridge this morning (on the bus - I am so green), there was fog on the city side, and seeing it through the superstructure with the sun glittering on the sea put me in mind of San Francisco. We had one fabulous night at the Inn Above Tide in Sausalito, where the sea slopped against the piles all through the night and in the morning there was the city across the harbour, the spike of the TransAmerica building poking up out of the fog, and a guy in a suit gliding past in a kayak.

In the city, we spent a morning in a dinky GoCar, a little yellow electric Noddy car built so low that we looked up at motorcyclists. Another couple hired a car at the same time we did, lanky John from Georgia, y'all, and his Russian internet bride, Tatiana. Because of my Vespa experience, I drove (it's a 3-wheeler with scooter handlebars) and John tucked in right behind, nervous of the traffic - "Thank God for y'all, I nearly had a wreck in the first five seconds!" - and we bounced along over the cable car tracks down to the Embarcadero and all the way along to the bottom of the Golden Gate bridge, waving at the tourists taking photos of us. It was lots of fun and thanks to the (unexpected) consideration of the SF traffic, much less scary than we had feared - though I did get grounded on one of the cork-screw corners on Lombard, the famous super-steep street.

We were a tourist attraction in Sausalito too, where we went for a waterfront tour on Segways, which was absolutely the most fun I've ever had upright.

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