Thursday 1 April 2010

A small lunacy

This morning I showered in moonlight. Actually, by moonlight, but the first sounds more romantic.

Our bathroom is white and too dazzling these darker mornings for the halogen lights, so I manage with what light comes through the window and this morning, for the first time ever, it was from a big, perfectly full moon in a clear sky. Now, the moon's phases are an almost total mystery to me. I know about the waning and waxing, of course, even if it always seems that the cycle is far less than 28 days - but it always takes me by surprise, popping up unexpectedly in different parts of the sky at apparently random times of the day. Yes, I know there's a pattern, I've just never got a handle on it, which is why this morning amazed me.

I've never seen a full moon setting in the west before (which is amazing enough in itself, I think); and it seems especially weird to see it there in the early morning. Even more disconcerting, I thought I saw the Man in the Moon, not the rabbit, so I've clearly been wrong about that too - I thought it was a hemisphere thing, like Easter being a spring festival, and I've referred to that more than once, in stories. Which is a a bit embarrassing; especially having been to Ollaytantambo and Machu Picchu and seen evidence that the Incas had the whole business completely sorted - despite having no writing and not even the wheel. I expect they were just paying better attention.

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