Thursday 29 April 2010

Moon, moon*

Got the moon sorted! Thanks to the Charleville Cosmos Centre, my rabbit interpretation has been officially verified for the southern hemisphere, Man in Moon for the northern, and whichever you see, it's always pretty much the same way up. And the rabbit's head is the Sea of Tranquillity.

And we saw Alpha Centauri (Danger, Will Smith, danger!) and the jewel box and Saturn with its rings almost edge-on. Excellent. Oh, plus the space station zipping past with the shuttle in hot pursuit.

Then a chocolate spring roll (melty chocolate inside thin, crispy deep fried pastry! with icecream! Genius!) from Tiger Thai to ensure a peaceful (?) night's sleep before another busy day with flying doctors, endangered bilbies, 3500 naked US soldiers and stories with scones.

*Pronounced 'moan, moan' - a quote from yet another Junior Request Session story from my distant youth, about a koala and the moon. The details escape me, naturally, but the accent endures.

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