Saturday 1 May 2010

Happy Birthday, Buddha

Back in Brizzy, blamed by the Outback folks for making them sick and sneezy after the pure air they're used to - but it seemed very pleasant tonight. It's another long weekend, May Day, after the Monday-ising of Anzac Day (so that's two extra public holidays over us) and there's a relaxed vibe here on South Bank.

It's also Buddha's Birth Day (who knew?) so there are lots of stalls, red lanterns, shiny gold Buddhas and various ethnic entertainments, so possibly even more people strolling, families picnicking by the artificial beach and parading young people with fluffy/spiky hair than usual.

Whichever, it made for a fascinating parade along the footpath as we ate our Moreton Bay bugs. Afterwards we walked along the river, that was washed in colour from the city skyscrapers, but still dimmed in contrast with the lit-up Ferris wheel on the embankment - all so like London, on a smaller (and oh so much warmer) scale.


the queen said...

You ate bugs? Where can I get some?

TravelSkite said...

Type of small lobster, not more than a couple of bites in each - but rather yummy. More than a match for snoots, I imagine.


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