Thursday 29 July 2010

Figure this

Here are some numbers for you: Melbourne 3.5 hours from Auckland, 2 hours behind. Mauritius 11.5 hours from Melbourne, 6 hours behind. Mauritius thus over half a day away in actual flight time, and 8 hours behind NZ time. If you're confused, think how my body feels.

But that long flight was immeasurably eased by Air Mauritius business class, with nifty and comfortable side-by-side pods in an attractive orange and cream colour scheme, the attendants attentive and cheerful, and nattily turned out in figure-hugging uniforms with a jaunty little hat, and the food really great: colourful, locally-themed and very tasty. Salmon with mango and chilli salsa, yum! The time just, er, flew by. No wonder they won a big award recently. Now, of course, the entire trip is going to be blighted by the fear that we'll be relegated to cattle class on the way home.

It was dark when we got here, so no real impressions yet, other than surprise to be driven on the left - the island was French, then British, so I should have realised, but it's disconcerting when everyone is speaking French. English is meant to be the, or one of the, official languages here, but French is the langue de choix.

The resort looks lovely: villas along a white-sand beach with the reef close, lots of palms and neat gardens, big infinity swimming pools, air of relaxation. Not that we'll be getting much of that: once we've got the obligatory meetings with sponsors out of the way, we'll be zipping away to see as much as we can.

Ooh goody, the sun's come out! It's a bit damp here, and not quite as warm as I'd expected (winter, after all), but after all, it's early yet. Oh, so early...

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