Sunday 25 July 2010

A little of what you fancy

A friend sent me to this YouTube link which I can't imagine anyone not enjoying, so go there for some fun.
I was in Wales last year and didn't - strangely - go to Newport. Well, not that one, anyway - we did pass through a smaller one, north of Fishguard on the west coast. There are some lovely towns along that road, starting right down on the corner with St David's, which is the smallest city in Britain: the population is only 2000, but it has a cathedral, and that's the main qualification. The four Good Food Guide entries are just, er, icing on the cake; in fact, it has more eateries per head of population than anywhere else in Britain. Perversely, we ate nothing there, but we did visit the cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, the latter picturesquely ruined and set about with ravens and pigeons. They're both hidden in a valley so they weren't visible to raiders sailing past.
Where we did eat was at our hotel Llys Meddyg, which was one of a series called 'Restaurants with Rooms': what an excellent idea. We had pork belly with salty caramel onions and crackling, with a glass or two of organic cider, and afterwards lemon posset with berries. Yum! It was so good (the chef has worked with Peter Gordon - ooh, famous father of fusion food, where's he from again? Oh yes, New Zealand).
Because that trip was partly a private holiday, we didn't overdo the dinners: I hate to complain (and I know there'll be no sympathy forthcoming) but when you're doing an official famil, there's so much good eating provided that it all becomes a bit much. It's such a shame not to be able to do it all justice. Next week's trip to Mauritius was going to involve lunches as well as dinners until we excused ourselves politely. All that French cuisine plus local seafood and fusion with Indian, Chinese and Creole is going to be fantastic - but less is more, I'm afraid.

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