Saturday 9 July 2011

Home county

Back to Farnham, Surrey today: the first place I lived when I arrived in England 34 years ago, to spend the day with family I first met then, still as funny, and such good company that the daughter who was initially miffed that we couldn't go instead to Legoland, was entirely won over.

Farnham is such a pretty town, different from the Cotswold classics but in its own way just as appealing, with its historic old brick buildings, some of them in herringbone patterns, its half-timbered houses, and flint ones too. As well, it takes the Britain in Bloom competition very seriously, and is a prize-winner with hanging baskets and window boxes bright with flowers everywhere. The country all around is lovely too, with lots of woods, the Common, bridle paths and footpaths - we took a walk to look at the mock-castle set currently being used for Johnny Depp's new movie Dark Shadow (unfortunately no filming in progress today).

A sainted aunt, cousins, children, cats, a dog and some horses, plus a cosy pub, good stories and cider: another good day.

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