Monday 19 March 2012

Buen apetito!

Lawks amercy, as people somewhere used to say sometime, long before they had to struggle with the dual trials of far more wine than usual plus the exigencies of autocorrect.

Long dinner tonight with the jolly and hospitable marketing manager of the Cesar Park Hotel (recommended!) in Ricoleta, good old (young) Alejandro. We spoke of football (he supports Rio Plate, alas (relegated)), wood-fired barbecues, white Shiraz, too much about Australia, a Jesus theme-park, the French (spit), sharks, Evita (Don't Cry etc still gives him goosebumps - nice work, Sir Andrew) and how Chile gets offside with the rest of Latin America.

Very pleasant evening of good food (prawns and thick rib-eye - with a bone! - served with appealing 'cripsy potatoes' and three puds) and far too much wine - and then, back to the room to find a plate of macarons and a little bottle of the lovely dessert Malbec we'd just enjoyed, Malamado. Nice work, Alejandro!

Then bed, exhausted by so much one-eyed back-spacing, sigh.

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