Friday 13 April 2012

Etihad A340-600 business class review

It's not all beer and skittles in business class, you know - or even all champers and canapés. Who knew that on pressing a button to recline your seat to totally flat, you could risk cutting your feet off at the ankles? And the masses back in cattle class complain about mere DVT from being immobilised for half a day! Pft

I thought Etihad did a great job looking after us on the 14-hour flight to Abu Dhabi from Melbourne. The gorgeous check-in girl, erroneously named Fatme, was lovely and gave us lounge passes even though as media we weren't entitled (boo, hiss). Both boarding and disembarking, we were wafted along with no fuss or delay.

Though it was a smaller plane than the A380, the seat configuration was the same as on Emirates, so I felt private and snug but not claustrophobic. The food was good though it was too late for me to take on what sounded like a delicious dinner, even though the charmingly solicitous French steward Paul offered to bring it to each of us whenever we liked, which I think is a (literally) first class service. And I've decided to view the pre-take-off prayer in Arabic as a distinctive cultural twist, rather than a portent of possible doom.

And though I've long since given up stealing airline cutlery, I was sorely tempted by the divine quilt they provided: furry fleece one side, smooth fine cotton the other, and what felt like silk in between. Light, warm, stylishly striped - they should list it in the Duty Free catalogue. I'd buy one.

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