Thursday 12 April 2012

Welcome to Australia

So, you've enticed tourists to come all the way to Australia (and it's always a long way to Australia, even from New Zealand). Here they are, arriving at the airport, eager to start their holiday - and what do you do?

Scare them silly with, first, a massive poster beside the walkway to the baggage carousels of a gigantic crocodile, not just enormously long at 8.1 metres but also as bulky as a bus (actual size! the caption claims). And then, on the trolley there's this.

What are they thinking? Do they aim to weed out the wusses before they even get to immigration? Because it makes even me think twice, despite this time spending a scant half hour on Aussie soil between passport stamps before disappearing again into the limbo world of airside here in Melbourne. Where the airport seems much improved since my last visit, if you don't count the man-eating predators.

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