Sunday 27 May 2012

Home rocks

I'm feeling rather smug, though it was purely luck: what looks like an insignificant pimple in this crappy iPhone picture is of course amazing Uluru. Even from 39,000 feet, with the naked eye it's still astonishing, so big and so abrupt, and far more impressive than it appears in the photo.

I'd been keeping an eye on the airshow in the hope that I might spot it (and in that respect, the Etihad version is much superior to Emirates' useless maps that couldn't even identify huge Mt Ararat for me last year) and looked out just at the right moment to see it below, on my side - pretty lucky considering we were ripping over it at getting on for 1000 kmh.

And then, some minutes later, I remembered about Mt Connor, the flat-topped mesa you pass on the way to Uluru from Alice Springs that novices always think must be the Rock, slid up the blind and there it was too. Given the scale of the distances on this trip, seeing these familiar rock stars makes me feel that I'm nearing home.

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