Sunday 16 September 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Shop-front in Vienna with a glaring mistake - you know what it is, of course. Did you also know that crocodiles (for that's what this is, alligators having much blunter noses) can bite through a cow's - or, indeed, person's - leg like butter, but are feeble weeds when it comes to opening their jaws, so a simple bit of tape around their mouths is enough to defuse them? This snippet could save your life - glad to be of service.

I know this because I've been to Australia so often, and spent lots of my time there in the Top End: Queensland, WA and the Territory, where crocs are a fact of life. I've been to Australia so many times, in fact, that when I did a displacement-activity count up sometime last year, I was pretty astonished to realise that I'd had 85 Oz stories published. I sent off a Hey! Guess what? email to the head of Tourism Australia here, followed quite quickly by another admitting that Actually, that would have been more impressive if I'd hung on a bit and waited for my century, eh. But then the week before Christmas came and with it the Could we have it yesterday? assignment writing for the AustraliaAmazing100 campaign, and that bumped my total up to way over 100.

So it was really sweet and pleasing to have a moment of glory at the Australia on a Plate event a week or so ago, when Jenny called me up front for some praise and thanks and to give me a beautiful bouquet which is still going strong. And really, it's all been such a pleasure. When I scored my first famil, to Tasmania, I was thrilled; and the second, to South Australia, was just as lovely; and then when the third trip was to Queensland, I thought, Oh, Australia again. But I'm so over that: every time I cross the Ditch, I know I'm going to have fun, see fabulous scenery, eat delicious food, spend time with interesting, enthusiastic people and find out extraordinary things. I'm happy to go to Australia any time I'm asked. Me and my roll of insulation tape.


Unknown said...

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TravelSkite said...

I would gladly come and stay with you! But there's the small matter of first getting to Thailand, alas...


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