Saturday 13 October 2012

Channelling RLS

Today I worked. This was my office. Some cubicle, huh? Knocked off a story, felt smug. Watched a black heron also working, catching small fish. It's about the same colour as what we call blue herons back home, but here they know what blue means.

I also felt unwarrantably smug that we chose yesterday for the lagoon cruise, since today was windier and overcast, and though still warm, nowhere near as classically, tropically perfect as yesterday.

There's been a spot of snorkelling just off the beach, some hanging by my chin over the edge of the infinity pool, some eating of lunch, some reading, a sarong-tying lesson demonstrating half-a-dozen methods which I instantly forgot, and rather a lot of gazing at the horizon, brain in neutral. Which is not very productive, blog-wise. Sorry.

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