Saturday 20 October 2012


Ten and a half hours to Singapore overnight, economy: could have been worse. (Could have been better - I'll never again whinge about Business lie-flat beds that don't lie completely flat.)

The Flyhidrate was a pleasant drink and I'm happy to say probably contributed to my feeling both alert and relaxed as I sit here in Changi Airport - though some of that has to be down to the automatic foot-massage machine that's currently squeezing and rubbing my feet and calves very effectively.

All for free, as is the Wifi. Good airport - quiet and laid-back vibe despite being so big and busy. So different from Dubai's acres of marble and soaring ceilings. I'm putting it down to the carpet. Next time through, I'm hoping to try the rooftop pool. For now, where's the orchid garden and butterfly house...?

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