Saturday 24 November 2012

Hobbit-fever plane to see

The world premiere in Wellington of the first Hobbit movie, An Unexpected Journey, is just a few days away now and excitement is bubbling away very entertainingly. The latest thrill is Air NZ's new livery on a Boeing 777-300, revealed today: the world's biggest graphic ever applied to an aircraft, 73 metres long. The plane is to fly the Auckland - LA - London route and will probably end up being also the world's most-photographed plane once it's been in operation for a few months.
How Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman and the rest feel about seeing their faces so huge and flying through the sky halfway round the world er, there and back again, hasn't been reported yet, but Peter Jackson is very pleased, as well he might be with all this extra publicity. Air NZ has certainly entered into the spirit of things, with their new safety video and all - they're promising that the plane will make a brief appearance "on the red carpet at the premiere" though I'm hoping that's a bit of over-excited exaggeration. There's already a huge hobbit hole and towering Gandalf erected outside the Embassy Theatre - a jumbo jet as well would make dwarves of everybody. Maybe that's the idea.

(Update 28/11: this is what they meant, of course -
Anyway, well done Air NZ for entering into the fun; and I really hope I get to fly in that plane at some stage. I've heard that in the amenity packs everyone's given, some of the flight socks are made like hairy hobbit feet. Cool!

Ooh look, here they are:
UPDATE: Is anyone else beginning to feel that perhaps Air NZ is taking things just a smidge too far?

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