Saturday 23 February 2013

Life of P

Saturday again, so it's photos: this time, since I went to see Life of Pi today, one of the tigers at Dreamworld on Queensland's Gold Coast (and an emu, just because). Dreamworld is mainly a theme park, one of several, with some seriously scary rides, but it does have a bit of a zoo attached. They have dingoes and cassowaries and koalas and roos of course - Aussie creatures are always guaranteed to get me gawping, though the young boys I saw in the well-filled reptile house were more fascinated by the fact that someone had put a $10 note in the perspex collection box.

It was a busy trip, with all sorts of activities, to which I added some unwelcome excitement by flushing my hire car keys down a public loo, but there was time for quiet contemplation at one of the GC's many classic beaches.

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