Wednesday 3 April 2013

Go, Venture Southland!

Further to my whingeing about being weighed down with expensively-produced press packs made of heavy glossy paper presented to me by PR people every time I go away, now I find there's this. On my recent trip down to Southland, an area some dismiss as far away and out of touch, I was given one of these for the first time. The same size as a credit card, and about twice as thick, this is what it turns into when you bend and flick it just so:
It's a flash drive! How nifty is that? Two gigs of files and high-res images, in a slip of plastic I could carry in my wallet if I wanted! So much more preferable to a great wad of brochures and printed-out statistics that make my suitcase a literal burden and an embarrassment, clutter up my workspace at home and (often) never get looked at before eventually being turfed out in a desperate spring-clean, piled up in boxes at the kerb for the recycling truck. (Although that did lead to the novelty of picking a snail-nibbled bit of card out of the front border a couple of days ago and discovering it to be an entry ticket to the viewing deck of the Empire State.) Honestly, would you rather be given one of these clever little devices - or this?

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