Saturday 20 September 2014

The Longest Thursday

So, what else would you do, after a Thursday that lasted 31 hours, pillow to pillow, and included 18 hours in the air, except pootle into Durban on your recovery day to skim along the beachfront on a Segway, swerving around the monkeys?

Just hours before our arrival, it was 42 degrees here and even the locals were drooping and complaining - but then a southerly front arrived and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. The same thing happened on my last visit here, exactly a year ago. They need the rain, but we're hoping for more typical weather when we head inland to the game reserve on Saturday for the conference.

So Friday's been all about fighting sleep patterns and adjusting to Africa again - people walking along the motorway, razor wire and electric fences, paying 'protectors' in the car parks, a housekeeper, a braai. And seeing old friends, smiling faces, flashes of white teeth, bright colours, exotic birds.

It's good to be back. I'm so looking forward to the animals, especially, of course, the rhino - the reason why we're all here.

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