Thursday 13 August 2015

Cat, condor, camelid, Cupido...

There was an animal theme today, which for me means a good day. First there was this cat at my fancy lodge, the Palacio Manco Capac up the hill from central Cusco. He stole my room key to play with, but made up for it by doing the dishes.

Then there were dogs on doorsteps watching over the humans trying to get to work in Cusco's rush hour as we left the city. We skipped the alpacas, llamas, guanacos and vicuñas as I saw them last time I was here, and instead went to a wildlife rehabilitation centre where I saw wild cats, pumas, monkeys, birds, learned to sex a tortoise, petted a 65 year-old condor and was treated with disdain by a Mohawked but otherwise hairless native Peruvian dog. All the victims of traffickers, tch.
At Pisac I fed guinea pigs and at lunchtime they fed me at a pachamanca (earth-oven) lunch high above the town where I finally found someone small who was happy to take the Galapagos iguana toy I was given there three years ago (and where I'm going again the week after next).
And finally the camelids got in on the act anyway, with three llamas tethered in the garden here at Lamay Lodge, the youngest and friendliest called Cupido, and none of whom, I'm assured, will spit.

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