Friday 29 June 2018

Silver Spirit Norway, Day 15 - Rubbing it in

With thanks to Silversea for this Norway cruise

I think I can speak for the rest of the Silver Spirit guests - and crew too, probably - when I say that, opening the curtains this morning to a clear blue sky with the sun sparkling off the sea, I felt like spitting. Rub our noses in it, nature, why don't you? So the deck was crowded like Blackpool beach with bodies sprawled on loungers around the pool, people hung over the railings on Deck 10, and there were quantities of bare skin wherever you looked. The Mongolian Stir-fry they set up for lunch there was deservedly popular.

Indoors, there was a lucky draw at the boutique, which is full of sparkly stuff with no price labels on, and very individual-choice clothes; and a Silversea presentation in one of the Grand Suites which I went to be nosy at and came away perfectly satisfied with our Veranda Classic. I had a complimentary wrinkle treatment in the Zagara Spa which made no visible difference at all, but felt quite nice.

Up in the Panorama Lounge there was a live version of Name that Tune, where the Voices of Silversea gave us the musical clues in various amusing ways, like hummed, whistled, droned through duct tape over the mouth (ouch) and doobie-dooed. They couldn't fool us, we trounced it - and then had our comeuppance at bingo when we got nowhere. But TP came next, the final, for double points, and after so many games together we put politeness aside and fought viciously for our own answers when there were disagreements. Even so, I was over-ruled with the Japanese for 'Thank you very much'. Turned out we were both right, but my version of arigatoo gozaimasu was righter. So there. But we got the point anyway, and came in first equal again - though the victory was dimmed by our disappointment at having learnt, with huge effort but ultimately in vain, the name of Zimbabwe's president. Despite our team's confident prediction (given the nationality of Moss, the quizmaster), it never came up as a question. Emmerson Mnangagwa, if you're wondering.

There was a rush to cash in our prize points for actual goodies - pens, tiny torches, a boring tshirt, cards, keychains, iPad case and so on. I got a visor. I might even wear it. And then it was time to pack, a horrible job at the best of times and even worse when it means the end of a holiday. Even a holiday that was a bit disappointing weather-wise. But it did end on a high note: after dinner at Silver Note, which does tapas-style dishes very elegantly - excellent lamb, and a very fancy chocolate dessert - there was a party up on the pool deck with the DJ doing a great job and lots of people dancing as the sun set (what a novelty!) in a blaze of gold while, on the opposite horizon, it was balanced by a full moon rising up out of the sea. It was a gorgeous way to end the cruise; and easily today's (literal) highlight.

UPDATE 30/3/23: Finally! The long sought-after question has finally shown up. The local paper’s daily quiz is no match for Silver Spirit’s TP vibe in an opulent lounge, being served free drinks while Denmark glides by outside, but you take what you’re given, I guess.

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