Wednesday 20 June 2018

Silver Spirit Norway, Day 6 - Downtime is not a downer

With thanks to Silversea for this Norway cruise
More photos to follow when the wifi is faster

We had another At Sea day today. People who haven't (yet) cruised can be forgiven for thinking that this is the weak spot of any itinerary; but those of us who have know that these can be the best days. Or at least they are for anal types like me who feel obliged to do and see as much as possible when they're travelling. For me a day at sea is a holiday from the holiday, a chance to relax when I can lie in with a clear conscience, linger over breakfast and lunch, poke around the ship's nooks and crannies, download photos, even do menial stuff like laundry. And, of course, take advantage of the programme of onboard activities laid on by Silversea.

Today that included another talk by Mr Paranoid, security expert Peter LaSorsa, who this time had some actually useful tips about emails and passwords; beginner's German (hijacked by an OWM far from being a beginner); a lecture about Alfred Nobel; a talk about opals with, surprise! a chance to buy some afterwards; and the usual choice of bridge, exercise and spa treatments. A special today was a presentation about what the Cruise Director took great care not to call a takeover of Silversea by Royal Caribbean, who have just acquired 66% of the company. The theatre was full of anxious and protective long-time Silversea patrons afraid that things are going to change. They were told that Silversea would remain separate and true to itself, and that the investment would just allow even better things, like an increase in ships to twelve, which was always the family's dream. Time will tell. There is, it's fair to say, scepticism. And it didn't help that in the videoed conversation between the CEOs, the RCL chairman kept referring to 'Silverseas'. Tch.

Then there was Bingo with cleverly designed boards, a very poor unplaced Trivial Pursuit effort, and as compensation later, dinner at Indochine, where we were recognised and welcomed by a waiter, Angelo, from Silver Explorer, whose recommendation of the crème brulée was spot on. A special Name That Tune competition followed, which redeemed our TP shame, allowing us to retire with our egos intact.

High point today was, despite Capt. Macarone telling us that we would be "gently suffering" from 35 knot winds and big swells, not being affected one bit by the motion of the ship.

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