Tuesday 10 July 2018

Iceland 6 - Bless (not getting religious on you - that's Icelandic for 'goodbye')

One good thing (of very many) about Iceland in the summer is that when you have to haul yourself out of bed at 3.45am in order to catch your shuttle to the airport, at least it's light. So I waited by the big church again, feeling perfectly safe, was joined by others, and was then delivered smoothly to Keflavik for my 7.45am flight to Gatwick. My inexplicable Business-class ticket on the way here was, sadly, not duplicated on return, so I was down the back this time. With a vengeance - I was put in the despised middle seat and the flight was full so I couldn't change it.

Even worse, the window seat was taken by a typically big (not fat) Icelandic man who immediately man-spread himself into my space, not just with his knee, but also taking the armrest AND MORE, his elbow well over my side. He then fell asleep for the whole trip, while I sat scrunched up and simmering in what would have been limited space anyway. And of course there was no food provided, just a hot drink, plus when I missed the handing out of arrival cards and asked for one, the grumpy stewardess said they were all gone - though her more obliging colleague was able to fetch one for me. 

So, Icelandair? Not a huge fan - definitely one to splash out on Business for, I reckon. Also, at the airport, beware of the futuristic and clever-looking basins in the loos, where the tap doubles as a Dyson-style airblade. Which is all very well, until it blasts out a rush of air into a rounded basin full of soap foam and water drips. Where do you think that all ends up? Yeah. That's right.
And, Iceland? Yes! Big fan. Would definitely go again, and take the time to explore further, up to the north, and the western fjords, for even more spectacular scenery, and fewer tourists. Some hiking would be good, and self-driving. This Intrepid Iceland Express tour was an economical way to get a good taste of the place, but next time I would brace myself to spend more, and see more. I probably wouldn't be adventurous with the beer, though: there's no going past Einstök White Ale. And there will be no forgetting those four bottles I accidentally left on the bus, either... Pretty niche brew - can't imagine finding it anywhere else. 😢

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