Monday 16 July 2018

Jiggety jig, and all that

While it's certainly very pleasant to luxuriate in the business class lounge while waiting to depart on a flight to the other side of the planet - and especially when you can gloat over not having to do it in the tender care of the EasyJet plane you can see from the window - it's disappointing then to have to go down the back of the plane because you haven't been upgraded. Yeah, yeah, first world and all that. But it's true.

The Heathrow one was perfectly fine, but as business class lounges go, it's hard to beat the Emirates one in Dubai, crowded and busy though it always is. It's just so modern and efficient and full of whatever you need or fancy. The airport always gives me a bit of a buzz - helped by it being such a huge hub that as you walk to your gate you go past others labelled with destination names from all over the world.
It was a good trip. Copenhagen was a delight, and the Norway cruise was pretty special, despite the loss of three ports to bad weather - it's always good to settle into Silversea again. Getting to Iceland was a triumph both of ambition fulfilled, and practical booking skills (we'll overlook that accidental business class leg - that will remain forever a mystery). England was full of famously impressive sights and places, and family, and familiarity, and it was lovely to be there again.
But it's so good to get home! To beauty, comfort, and a welcoming cat... there's nothing better. Well, maybe this time it just got an edge thanks to that precious bottle of Einstök White Ale I found by chance in Clitheroe. And that, regular readers 😊 will be relieved to learn, is the last time I'll be referencing (or tasting) that beer.

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