Monday 12 August 2019


With thanks to Silversea for this cruise

I woke with a shivery, snuffly, headachey cold this morning, drat it. Fortunately it's an at-sea day so I could take it easy. Our suite (veranda, sitting area, bed, walk-in wardrobe and bathroom) is on the port side, which means we're on the sea side for most of the cruise, unfortunately - though of course half the passengers guests are in *cough* the same boat. I thought that at least today we'd see France, but it turns out the Channel is wider than you (I) think, despite that bloke nipping over it on a hoverboard in 20 minutes a week or so ago. 

So it was a day of snoozing and mooching, and trying unsuccessfully to avoid musak in the public areas. I mean, come on! Allow Frank Sinatra to finally fade away, please! Most of the other guests are Baby Boomers and younger (even some kids, surprisingly) - so surely it's time to retire the old crooners and lounge music? There has been other music since, you know! But at least, I suppose, it wasn't jazz.
There was a lecture about our first port, Fowey, tomorrow - tin mines, Cornish language, clotted cream, basically - and then afternoon tea served on the classic tier of plates of which, because I'm sick, I wasn't able to even touch the yummy-looking fancies on the top layer, which is a wasted opportunity that will haunt me for some time to come.

Then it was time for our Silversea essential, Trivial Pursuit. We joined a random group of US enthusiasts, one of whom made a point of singing out wildly wrong answers to fool the team next door. Even so, we scored only 23/30 and didn't place, which was disappointing, although still fun. I contributed obsidian, the Turkish flag, The Green Mile and Hindi, but got the Roman numeral C wrong - turns out it's 500, not 100, tch. My third form Latin teacher, Mrs Gallagher, would be very disappointed in me.

And tonight it was formal, with the Captain's Reception, but we didn't go, because I'm sick, and I had crisps and water for dinner. I hope I'm better tomorrow...


the queen said...

1. Too sick for tea cakes but not to sick for chips/crisps?
2. C is 100. They said it was 50?

TravelSkite said...

1. Missed lunch, so I needed the club sandwiches and the ginger loaf, but couldn't manage the petirs fours on the top tier. Then not interested in dinner, room service seemed too much effort, so ate what was to hand. I"m sick!
2. You're right, and so was I. But I forgot all about D=500.


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