Friday 16 August 2019

Sigh. Also cough, sneeze, groan, ache and otherwise suffer

With thanks to Silversea for this cruise
I don't know how they measure waves. How do they decide where the bottom is? Anyway, though these ones don't look especially dramatic, they're big and bouncy enough to have prevented us from visiting Galway today, so that city's delights will also remain a closed book to me.

We're scurrying ahead of the weather to Londonderry, so it's an at-sea day during which various extra entertainments have been put on for us, none of which we're taking advantage of because - did I mention we're sick? Still sick. It's horrible, and no fun at all, and we both wish we were at home. Not Silversea's fault, but disappointing none the less.

We're not even going to distract ourselves today with Trivial Pursuit, since all the fun and satisfaction have gone out of that, too. Our as-per-usual randomly-assembled team this time has meant we've dipped out. The others are enthusiastic, noisy, energetic, but... let's just say we have yet to discover their fields of expertise.

So, we're just grimly clinging on, waiting for it all to be over. But there's a whole week yet to go, sigh.

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