Thursday 21 January 2021

Gone to the dogs, and back again

My appreciation of nature on my walk this morning was interrupted by a loud and aggressive poodle running at, and around, me on the beach. Its owner shouted at it from where she was sitting and, getting no response, eventually came over and managed to get it to leave me alone, although despite her orders, it would neither sit nor shut up. "She's friendly, really!" the woman insisted, and took offence when I disagreed, stomping off with the still barking dog in tow.

Of course, the next section of my walk was taken up with mental arguments with the dog-owner, and reassuring myself that my reaction had been reasonable, and that I wasn't being a Karen. Part of my imagined response was listing all the dogs I've owned, known or lived with: some Labradors, a spaniel, several terriers, various mongrels, two Great Danes, a Dobermann and a couple of Rottweilers (the latter two owned by my friend, er, Karen).

And then I remembered the last dog I'd spent time with: Joey, a cute little Italian greyhound cross, who I took for a walk up Runyon Canyon in LA almost exactly a year ago. It was an Airbnb Experience, walking rescue dogs, and it was fun and interesting, and I really enjoyed it, out in the sunshine and fresh(ish) air, with lots of other people around also enjoying the outdoors. It seems so far away now, not just in physical time and space, but in another world. I hope it's not too long before it all comes back again - and not just because then my story about it would finally get printed.

Today at least is a step in the right direction. Excellent news this morning from Washington DC has sent a huge sigh of relief all around the world. And now I must get on with writing about last week's Segway outing...

PS: If you prefer your coincidences more obvious, how about today's Facebook communication (which turns out to be fake, but the fact that it's still so believable speaks volumes) -

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