Sunday 28 August 2022

End of an era… well, of a contract, anyway

Today, after 4 and a half years, my last World Famous entry in the Sunday Star-Times/Stuff has been published. The initially occasional column was started back in 2016, written by a variety of contributors. I was so reliably regular that I was given sole charge in 2018. Since then, I’ve written nearly 250 entries about a wide range of features around the country - natural and man-made, places to visit, activities to do. I could have kept going, easily - but times are tough, pagination is limited, WF isn't the only victim.
It's been fun, using the column as a way to get freebies, and also harking back to visits I've made to places sometimes many years previously. Only a relative few were done from research only, mostly because I had to fit in with a destination focus for that issue. The Lavender Farm is one of the latter, which I'm sorry about because I'm a sucker for lavender. It's crazy, then, that I've only ever visited one lavender plantation. That one was at Bridestowe in northern Tasmania, and it is a classic - curves of purple leading the eye to mauve mountains, glorious scent in the air, everything neat as. There was just the one drawback, though...

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