Thursday 16 December 2010

A farewell to Oz

Last day in Melbourne, and it's a beaut: clear sky, hot, sunny and the streets full of Christmas shoppers, talented buskers, wandering tourists and heads-down workers.

We went up the Eureka Tower, all 88 floors, to a splendid view from the SkyDeck over the city, harbour and complicated motorway system that had us amazed that we found our way here at all. There's a thing you can do, standing (or lying) in a glass cube that moves out over mid-air, at which point the opaque glass beneath your feet appears to shatter and leave you standing on nothing 300 metres above the ground. Fun, if not quite as thrilling as promised.

Then to the Australian Centre of the Moving Image, to be affronted that they're claiming The Piano as one of theirs, and both inspired with admiration, and exhausted, by the Disney exhibition. So much cleverness and effort, just to entertain! Like Disneyland itself: amazing and almost immoral. Excellent museum, though: eats time.

Spot of shopping, overwhelmed by so much choice, final theft of McDonald's wifi, and then the boring bit: taxi, bus, plane, car. But home at the end of it all.

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