Sunday 12 December 2010

Over Oprah

I would just like to register my deep disgust at the mouth-frothing over-excitement that has accompanied the visit here of Oprah Winfrey (surname redundant). I'm astonished by the heights/depths of welcomes that have been laid on in Melbourne and Sydney: we're talking upstaged Prime Minister, fireworks, big O on the bridge. Good grief. It's so, SO uncool.

And as a Kiwi, notorious as a nationality for humiliating fawning in the presence of overseas celebrities, I must say that to see the Aussies rolling on their backs in this unseemly manner is enormously, HUGELY satisfying.

PS: No surprise to see this pile of unsold XS t-shirts left after the event. The real surprise is that they bothered making any extra-small ones at all.

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