Tuesday 14 December 2010

Hopefully not my last post

Shamelessly squatting in Macca's, stealing their wifi and getting fat just on all the sweet smells in here. Back in Melbourne after a great night at Blood on the Southern Cross last night. Son et lumiere shows are such an odd concept - like radio with pictures, but no people - but done well, as last night's certainly was, they're well worth sitting in the cold, and trailing round from one set to the next.

Melbourne is big, busy and grand, and a free bus tour (I'm so cheap) showed it all off in perfect weather. I ended up at the Shrine of Remembrance, mainly because I spotted a statue version of that painting of Simpson with his donkey at Gallipoli, but was there just in time for the Last Post and the lowering of the flags. Always a melancholy moment. But it was a lovely afternoon otherwise - and tomorrow there's more sightseeing to be done, including a trip up the new Eureka Tower, named to commemorate the miners' uprising that last night's show was all about. How satisfying.

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