Saturday 11 February 2012

Sea bee

Another day of simple pleasures, the mixture as before: walk, swim, eat, nap, read, repeat. There were a few variations, like a marine rescue of this honey bee, which floated past me as I wallowed beyond the breakers. I gave him a finger to stand on and made my way back to the beach, middle finger rudely raised, to deposit him on a flower to dry out and rest before going on his way. This could have been a touching photo if the iPhone camera had been up to it. Thanks for nothing, Apple.
There was Ostend Market this morning, a Saturday regular of used books, food stalls, junk, jam and flowers. It's where Waiheke's arty, alternative side gets to express itself, with crystals, massages, iridology and incense; comfortably balanced by pony rides, hamburgers and cheap sunglasses. The crepe stall is authentically French, and the lemon curd filling is highly recommended.
There were weddings today: a party on Palm Beach, the bridesmaids in lemon yellow, their escorts busy with a frisbee on the sand while the bridal couple posed for photos at the nudist end of the beach - a curious choice, and I hope the photographer had the camera set on a shallow depth of field. And then as we ate Brazilian pizza again at Little Oneroa, another party came for photos, their chauffeur looking like a Blues Brother by the classic wedding car, as they posed against the boatshed and on the beach.

I do like beaches at the end of the day, when the shadows lengthen on the scuffed sand and the low sun shafts through the breakers, when the sea empties, people bring their dogs down and the sunbathers pull their towels over them as blankets, reluctant to bring to an end another perfect summer day at the beach.

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