Thursday 9 February 2012

The simple life

Today is simply summed up: a walk, a swim, lunch, a swim, an icecream and a sit. The lunch was at Casita Miro, happily situated on a hillside overlooking Onetangi, with a lawn and an olive grove above and the vineyard below. Some of us chose the healthy option for lunch:
and some of us plumped (verb carefully chosen) for the cardiologist's nightmare that is stuffed brie:
But we all of us enjoyed the timeless pleasure of sea and sand and sunshine:


the queen said...

Is that a chopped salad?
How is that stuffed brie? Is the white on top a slice of brie?
No ice cream photo?
And those are fine, sloped toes. You know it too.

TravelSkite said...

It's a warm salad of roasted vegetables: aubergine, capsicum, corn, courgettes, olives, pinenuts and so on. Delicious.
The whole round of brie is stuffed with mushrooms and other good things, and baked so it's all melty, and the white circle is its top.
The icecream was on a stick at the beach, later.
Thank you. I do.


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